Thursday, October 15, 2009

I used to enjoy the Broadway Village Farmers' Market, when I was on summer vacation!

This was an e-mail I sent to the Broadway Village Farmer's Market folks, who must have recently moved their start time to 9:00 on Friday mornings. RRRRgh. Why do these things bother me so much?

I am so disappointed to see that the start time has moved even farther out of the reach of folks who work regular day jobs. Tomorrow, I was planning on getting to work an hour late so that I could actually go to the farmers’ market, something that is only possible because I am a teacher and we have a grading day tomorrow. I had actually hoped you would consider moving the start time to 7:00 instead of 8:00 so that working people can stop by on their way to work instead of totally missing out. Oh, well. Not to be too bitter, but it kind of fits in with the experience I had trying to attend the CSA meeting with my children. It was totally impossible in a setting such as Elle. We tried, and it was obvious we were only a distraction. It’s clear to whom your marketing efforts are aimed, and it is definitely not at working families hoping to shop a few blocks from home for fresh local produce. There are many families with children in the Broadmoor neighborhood, and I wish more of an effort would be made so that it was possible for people like us to partake. Luckily, Safeway and Food City are also on my way to work and my way home.