Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Goals for 2011

Although the idea of constant progress and self-improvement can become tiresome, I have to admit that it must be an essential part of the human experience, and I have to admit that, like most people, I could do better... much better... in quite a few areas. And so I will wholeheartedly embrace a few goals for 2011, and hope that I can, indeed, make progress.

I've decided to call them "goals" instead of "resolutions" because resolutions are absolutes, and most absolutes are inherently weak.  It only takes one exception or moment of weakness to break the resolution, and once it is broken, well, I can justify all sorts of self-destructive behaviors.  When I set a goal, I can think more positively about it-- am I doing better today than I did yesterday?  I can reward myself for baby steps and small yet significant gestures.  If I fail one day, I can pick myself back up and make a better decision the next day.  Ben Franklin defined 13 virtues for himself and kept a log of his failures to live according to those virtues.  He never did achieve a "clean" page in his log, but he did say that he lived a better and a happier life for the effort.

And so, in the spirit of the new year, here are this year's goals:
1.  I will do less yelling in my house and work on strategies to encourage my kids (and husband?) to do the same.
2.  I will maintain a consistent interest in and commitment to exercise and physical fitness.  I will use my gym membership at least a couple of times per week, and get out for hikes at least a couple of times per month.  I will try to get out to do the following activities more often:  walks at the park, biking to work and for fun, tennis at Catalina H.S..  I'll try to expand my repertoire!
3.  I will bike to work more often when the schedule allows.
4.  I will recycle more-- too much is making it into the trash can.
5.  I will end 2011 weighing less than I weighed on the way in-- 10-20 more pounds?
6.  I will be more consistent about cooking meals and eating lots of fruits and veggies-- and the kids, too.
7.  I will get the kids out into nature more and have fun learning the lore-- plants, animals, weather, geology, geography, etc.
8.  I will read more books and try to be less susceptible to checking out Facebook and watching whatever trash is on TV.
9.  I will continue to work on buying less crap I don't really need ($1 bin shit, stupid office supplies I covet but never use, stuff like that) and stuff that has tons of packaging (this is a tough one...)
10.  I will create time for friends and family and work on nurturing my adult relationships-- more fun time for me and me more fun for others!
11.  Attitude:  Empowered, positive... stop whining, internally and out loud.

Okay-- these are big goals, which is why they are goals and not resolutions.  May we all have a happy, healthy, sustainable, loving, profitable and lucky 2011!