Saturday, January 30, 2010

G's Stuffed Sandwich Recipe

When G invited his friend T over to play, he wanted me to make them something special for lunch.  He suggested that I get lunchmeat and cheese and roll it up inside bread dough and bake it.  I have no idea where he got this notion, but I told him that was called a stromboli, and that it would probably work.  It turned out very tasty.  Now he wants me to publish the recipe here.

One package refrigerated bread dough (we used the Pillsbury French Loaf)
6-10 slices deli meat (depending on size)
grated 2% cheese (or regular) (1/2 cup?)
sliced green onion (1-2)
milk for sealing.

I floured the clean counter.  Then I slit the long log of bread dough lengthwise about halfway through to get a head start on rolling it out.

I rolled it out until it was approx. 6"x14"  It kept springing back to a bit smaller.

I layered the meat and cheese in 3-4 layers on top of most of the bread dough, leaving a narrow margin on the far long edge (for sealing later.)  I also added the green onion. 

I began rolling from the long edge that was nearest to me, kind of stretching the dough as I went (because of how springy it was.)  When I got to the far edge, I painted that far edge with milk so that I could seal the loaf.  I stretched that final edge around the loaf and pinched the edges together and smoothed the whole thing out. Then I floured the damp areas left from the process.

I sprayed a cookie sheet with nonstick spray and transferred the whole thing over.

I baked the loaf as directed on the package, keeping a close eye on it.

It turned out slightly underdone in the middle, but overall very tasty and satisfying.  If you have any ideas about how to get the middle more done, please let me know!  Good idea, G!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Topics Nobody Wants to Hear About at Happy Hour (etc.)

  1. Your Dieting Journey
  2. Being a Teacher
  3. Being a Mom
  4. PBS Kids or Nick Jr. Shows (or is that a subset of Being a Mom?) 
  5. The Arizona Legislature
So, basically, now that I have gone back to Weight Watchers, I am a social leper.  Please write with acceptable topics of conversation.  Here are the ones that I have discovered so far:
  1. Sports (so I'm pretty much screwed except for having watched some Arizona Basketball games.
  2. Mythbusters.
  3. Drinking stories (I'm thin on those).
  4. Illegal Activities in which I have Participated (thin on those, too).