Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wait Up!

All the milestones are coming at once! Gabriel started Kindergarten, is spelling words phonetically, brings home homework and has a loose tooth. Olivia is talking back to Gabriel and potty training. They bicker constantly, and although I feel that they need to work things out between themselves, usually if I don't intervene somebody gets hurt. My kids deserve my attention and care.

Meanwhile, career, housework, marriage and trying to maintain relationships with family and friends all continue.

I was at a birthday party at the park yesterday and had a chance to finally meet some friends-of-a-friend. I was barely able to exchange names. They had kids at the party, too, but somehow they were having conversations. Did I actually participate in conversations that I've simply blocked out because my attention was so divided?

Question of the day: How do we simplify life enough to enjoy the moments with our children and still be part of the conversations with the adults? And I don't just mean at birthday parties.

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