Thursday, January 22, 2009

Need Book Recommendations for My English 11 Students

Hello-- My students are working on big, huge essential question projects. I have a few students who are having trouble finding an independent reading book (fiction or nonfiction) that will help them explore their EQ's Please e-mail me (or FB me, or comment on this blog entry) and send ideas!

  • What is more important when looking at people's reading habits: quantity or quality?
  • Does Karma exist?
  • What is love/ true love? (I have given some suggestions here, but there are MANY students asking the question and I'd like some more ideas)
  • Can you ever have too much money?
  • Why are there so many similarities among stories?
  • Does the past determine the future?
I may add more...

Thanks, folks! Boy, I really need to blog more. Lots to think about these days. I think when I'm short on time, I don't feel like I can do justice to the big topics (can you say "inauguration"?)

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