Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wish List for Moving

These are things we could use/need during and after our move. If you have any used that you would like to sell or donate, please let me know! Thanks, as always, to our ever-supportive group of family and friends!

- twin bed (for Olivia) & mattress set.
- hedge clippers/tree trimmers and other yard tools (rakes, pitchfork, shovel, weedeater, etc.)
- salvage materials to build compost setup (lumber, wood pallets, chicken wire, etc.)
- area rugs
- shelf paper/contact paper
- faucet water filter (such a s Pur or something)
- outdoor furniture
- outdoor playset/swingset (or something like that)
- shelving/ bookshelves
- extra table (like a folding card table or craft table, or even a decent wood table)
- extra chairs (a couple of folding chairs, that kind of thing)
- (this is definitely a want and not a need): one of those trailers for a bicycle where it adds a kids bike on the back so they can help pedal. Can't remember what they're called. Schwinn makes them.

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