Saturday, September 26, 2009

Diving into Podcasting with my Students

Well, I just signed up for my podbean account. And now I'm swimming in that timeless vacuum that is the learning curve of new technology. New for me, anyway.

If anyone has any tips or experiences using podcasting with their students, please let me know.

For now, you can see my podbean podcast at There are no entries on there, yet, but I plan to put a sample podcast on there soon.

My students' first assignment will be to create a video podcast using Windows Movie Maker (easily available at school). I'm a little worried about producsing .wmv files-- not sure those will work the best for podbean or iTunes. But the time involved to switch file types? Makes me pause. If anyone knows how to export different file types from Windows Movie Maker, please let me know.

My students will be studying an era in American Literature and producing a script that explains the era to an audience of high school students. I hope they will use the sense of audience to make their reports engaging.

Wish me luck!

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