Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Friend Hikes Trail of Tears. Hike of a Lifetime!

Our friend Ron Cooper, married to a dear old friend Kristal, is currently hiking the trail of tears.  He has been planning this hike for years, and has a website and blog:

He discusses his experiences better than I would, so check it out!  He is getting quite a bit of press, it seems.

May he find plenty of Angels along the trail!


  1. Trail Angels come to hikers in all forms and ways. You are one, of course! Love you, K

    So I am trying to find out exactly what towns the trail of tears goes through in Missouri, after cape giradeau. No map is clear. I was thinking that if anyone knew, Mr. Cooper would. Could you ask him for me?
    Thank you!
    Abranda Rogers

  3. I have the map posted on my Facebook page : RonHikesTrailOfTears

    I have trouble keeping it available, so let me know if you can't access it


I appreciate your response: