Sunday, July 31, 2011

Support Technology in my Classroom

Hello-- My newest project proposal on donorschoose is live.  I have successfully gotten one laptop for my classroom, and am hoping to build a collection so we can form a classroom lab for writing and sharing writing online, doing research, learning web tools, etc.

The one laptop I've gotten is used almost daily now by my students.

Please click on the link, give what you can, and share with friends!  I plan on having my students promote these proposals as a project, and I'm interested to see whether it makes a difference in how quickly they are funded.  Freshmen will create promotions in a project that emphasizes habits of mind, and juniors will work more from the angle of persuasive writing.

Here is a shortened URL you can use to share the project:

Thanks for your help in creating 21st Century writers!

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