Friday, March 23, 2012

Passive Voice

Passive Voice

These intentions of yours are
confounded when they are
inverted into the passive.

Power once wielded
by poet becomes
toy: The sins that are
the crimes that are
wrought, any repentance,
the concept thought.

The subject is
sought. What subjection
of the reader is
imposed in the name
of what?

A labyrinth of
folded statements is
wound to
the cliff’s sheer edge,
crumbs consumed by
reader who by
her guesses must be

When the codec is
omitted the reader is
left hovering midair
a caricature
grasping back
for the last blind purchase

the subject a blankness
flung from
the sentence’s ledge

I am finding this year that writing is like stirring a pot that has settled.  You can't just stir the top half of the pot with that big wooden spoon, but all the contents that have settled at the bottom come whirling around with it.  So I sit this morning to begin working on my National Board portfolio for the day, and what comes up but a poem.  I'm sure it can still use some revision, but it's got potential.  Feedback welcomed. 
This happens a lot for me while I am grading papers, and it also happened during NaNoWriMo.  Have a good weekend, everyone, and send good writing/ revising vibes my way.  Good thoughts, prayers, lit candles, encouraging e-mails.  None of it can hurt!

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