Tuesday, May 22, 2012


63 Romeo and Juliet essays and 20 Creative Writing portfolios, all before 8:00 tomorrow morning.  Can I do it?  Is it worth giving very brief feedback before they leave for summer vs. no feedback if I don't finish?

I found a Starbucks Via packet in my desk drawer.  I thought I was all out.  So there is hope... slight hope... though I have less than $10 in my pocket till payday and my house has been invaded by ants, so probably half of that will go to Home Depot on the way home.  Still, I have some coffee right now.  And I probably won't have ants after tonight.  Whether my freshmen and writing students will have any feedback tomorrow remains to be seen.  This spring I've started actually falling asleep in the middle of writing feedback comments, so I'm afraid some student papers have those strange half-dream words and sentences on them which make no sense and come from a part of my brain they have no business visiting.  Maybe sentences that start out by making sense, such as "Your overall thesis is real wooden feeeet chickfrog ice cream."

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