Wednesday, June 13, 2012

13 Years and Counting

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Anniversary Playlist. didn't have any James Taylor, so it's definitely not complete, but a good start.

I'm still unpacking boxes, and I don't think I can do justice in prose to our marriage of 13 years, so I'll leave most of it to some photos...

Engagement, 1998.  My friend Kristal took this photo.
Married June 12, 1999.  Rich wanted to make sure we got the classic Skyline staircase shot.  I felt like a princess.  I drew ball gowns like this on all the girls when I was little.

This little guy changed our lives and has shared many adventures with us.  First haircut.

G's Birthday, Newington, 2004
Rich, G and I weathered many storms together in Connecticut while Rich was pursuing his prosthetics education and license.  This is at Cape Cod for a weekend just before Memorial Day.  We didn't bring jackets, and so bought matching ones (duh.)  I think I was about a week pregnant with L at the time.
The three biggest reasons I have Mommy Brain most of the time.

Fun times at Easter brunch. 
Rich on the job making himself a leg that reflects his racquetball sponsorship from Head.

Classic Richie photo. 

Limo for Bill and Angel's wedding.  2007.

Rich, rocking the mullet; mocking the camera.
Sometimes I let him get out with the boys.
We still clean up well, and once in a while he doesn't make a funny face.
Rich supported me through my training to hike the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim in 2010.  And again during National Board Certification candidacy... which was even more intense, believe it or not.
Grand Canyon, 2010, the day after I came up the South Rim.

Summer 2010, Oregon Coast with Dad and Lita
Lake Roosevelt Spring 2011 with Superman and Superkids.  That was the last vacation I had, I believe... Boy, are we due!!
Okay, I take that back.  He did let me out with the girls in October.

Annnnnnd... I can't find any photos of my husband and me together since Lake Roosevelt!  Now.  Come on.  My interpretation of that is that it is time for a date night.  Please.

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