Thursday, September 20, 2012

Out of My Mind? Stories from School

My latest Stories from School blog entry addresses (in its own circuitous way) my poor planning, unexamined cognitive dissonance, desperate attempts to be a well-rounded professional AND pay the bills, and my need for creative outlets.  Enjoy!  Comments very welcome on


  1. Great blog post....amazing how retirement has let me pursue creativity. I would spend most of summer recuperating, and then get really creative the two weeks before school started again. That totally didn't work. And morale....wouldn't it be interesting to see how many female teachers are on anti-depressants so they can function with everything else going on?

    1. Last year during National Boards, I asked myself that same question. I went onto ERIC and I also googled that question. I found lots and lots of data on the numbers of students on antidepressants, and the controversy around their effects on teenagers/ young people.

      I found absolutely no data on how many teachers are on antidepressants. I wonder where this info might be found?

      Your comment intrigued me, too, as to why you mention _female_ teachers. I have my own theories... and my own comments related to that... but I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    2. Also... on a related note (and definitely reminds me of my own swirl of emotions regarding the first Stories From School blog incident I wrote about) read this before she takes it down...


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