Tuesday, February 5, 2013


So, the following happened:

I pulled into the driveway after a nighttime run to the pharmacy.  Before I even open my car door I hear the yowling of cats, you know, those love-cries that can keep you awake at night.

There are headlights somewhere off to my right in my neighbor's driveway.  I get out of the car, and notice a small pick-up truck is inching its way down the street, kind of pulling over.  Then it veers left so that it is perpendicular to the street, with its headlights in some bushes.  It sits there for a moment.  Then honks.  Pulls back, straightens, and continues inching forward, veering to the right as though the driver either wants to park or perhaps attempt another u-turn.  Brake lights.  At this point I'm assuming the driver is drunk.  The yowling continues.  I'm fascinated by the surreality of it all.  Then, the truck stops, and a fat old woman with a headwrap gets out of the pickup and walks toward the other side of the road where the small scraggly hedge is.  She moves slowly.  Bends over, picks up a large river rock from the landscaping (not her house) and throws it at the ground a few feet in front of her.  Then she does it again.

Is she throwing four-inch river rock at the cats?  I can't tell, but I suspect it.

At this point, I am hurrying to get my door unlocked and get into the house. 

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