Sunday, November 9, 2008

To Do List: Things to Think and Write About

What's that Geico slogan? "Life comes at you fast." I'm sure someone else has said it much better at some point in history, but right now I'm grasping for the sound bites.

This is a list of topics I should really be writing about. My heart is full, but time is limited, and my friends keep adding new photos to their Facebook albums and sidetracking me.

1. Barack Obama and hope for our country. The possibility of mending our image in the world through good works and attention to our own domestic issues.
2. Economic crisis and what I am observing in our own community, how its effects are being filtered into everyone's lives, including my own and my family's.
3. The kids. Wow.
4. Cancer and fear.
5. Health, diet, exercise and the mystery of intrinsic motivation (or lack thereof).
6. New job, new school... wonderful opportunities, defining obstacles.
7. Would love to open up the ol' high school yearbook right now, since we are developing quite the presence on Facebook.

Lots to think about, and yet the days go by....

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