Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer is finally, truly in our hearts.

Today is the first day that I have felt summer in my home.  I'm not talking about heat, the application of sunscreen or the joy of sleeping until someone wakes me up.
I am talking:  imaginative play.  That's right, folks.  My kids have not asked to watch TV all day.  They have only bickered half-heartedly in between long bouts of puzzle-doing, dot-to-dots, dollhouse arranging, drawing, stuffed-animal-cardboard-box-train making, bubble blowing, HO scale train community building, sitting down for lunch together, asking me to play with them, dancing and playing with the dog. 

Holy cow.

I was beginning to believe that days like this might not really exist, that I had somehow invented these days in nostalgic delusion that folks my age are almost old enough to indulge in.  (Well, almost old enough.  I'll feel more entitled to it when I feel old enough to stop covering up the gray.)

I'd better get out of virtual reality and into real reality myself before the spell breaks.  Happy summer!

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