Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Student Bloggers

Hello, Dear Reader.  I am reading my Creative Writing students' blogs.  A few of them decided to write blogs as a part of a self-designed writing project to finish up the year.

I thought I'd list the public links here for your reading pleasure.  Some are more reader-oriented than others; some are private only and are not listed here.  Other students wrote fiction, poetry, personal memoir, songs, and created superhero profiles for all their friends.. 

I'll try to summarize the content for each blog.  Enjoy!

Maya Hawk  (Fashion, Trends and Personal Obsessions)
Sincerely Doubtful Productions  (Thoughts, Reflections and Creativity)
To Living Life (poetry, reflections, and photos/quotes for inspiration, some fiction)
Opinion Blogger (opinions on issues)

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