Friday, May 6, 2011

Bucket List-- A cliche worth thinking about

My students were asking where the phrase "kick the bucket" came from.
I found an article about the common figure of speech "to kick the bucket."  
Wikipedia defines the phrase as an "opaque idiom," an idiom which you can't figure out by knowing the definitions of the words "kick" and "bucket."   You just have to know how the phrase is used by native speakers of English.

My students and I today are writing about our own bucket lists.  As cliche as the phrase is, making the list could prove to be a useful exercise. We had fun, anyway, with this writing exercise.

Before I die, I would like to... (subject to revision).
  • spend time on one of those islands with white sand and clear, blue water around.  Snorkel without feeling anxious and paranoid
  • learn how to take good photos of people
  • make apologies to those I have really hurt in life
  • build a wooden table or a cabinet that is beautiful, functional and lasting
  • learn to paint with oils
  • go to culinary school
  • have a house rabbit
  • act in a movie or on TV 
  • play electric bass, funk style
  • play cello
  • learn more about world religions (is that too vague?)
  • write a book
  • do a cartwheel and a chin-up
  • play with a monkey or chimpanzee
  • go on an ascetic kind of retreat-- really retreat from daily cares

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  1. Just re-read this. This list kind of sucks. First Draft-ish. Still thinking. :)


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