Saturday, April 30, 2011

NaPoWriMo "Grand Finale"

Since I've been around the kiddos below for the last few weekends, I'll finish my NaPoWriMo efforts with a very short, very rhyme-y poem for each of them.  Just little nibbles from my wind-fried, pollen-soaked, sun-spotted, sleepy little online-class-burdened mind.

She's getting betters
With letters
These days
She knows what some say.

He will create
What he imaginates
Unless he is screaming
For a screen

Smiling she checks to see
if she must do what you said to do
she pauses and proceeds slowly
In case she doesn't really have to

Smiles and smiles
for miles and miles
but smiles get thin
when the teeth cut in!

Jayden is a dancer
A booty-scooting prancer
Shaking and hip-hopping
Running-man no stopping

and G's are D's
Who would guess the potty
Is where she pees?

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