Monday, April 25, 2011

NaPoWriMo Will I ever catch up?

Way, way behind.  But here we go...   Ginsberg, Goldberg, etc. all say first thoughts are best thoughts so maybe quick, quick poems will somehow lead to something, right?

Quick, Quick Poem...

Tombstone Heritage Ranch

On High Lonesome
along a long two lane road
through the high desert scrabble
of what used to be grassland
and now is tufts punctuating
four stone signs
false oracles of the American dream
a development that never developed
lots that appear as the unbroken mesquite lands
parcelled out in imaginary acreage
the roads literally lead nowhere
and metaphorically as well
but those who do not travel on the roads
but across and among the mesquite and grass-tufted high desert
have paused next to, behind these false stone oracles
that proclaim Tombstone Heritage Ranch
and have opened bean cans with pocket knives
drank water from gallon jugs
and have left behind the refuse
and travelled onward toward a new American dream
punctuated by other oracles
who may prove false

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