Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NaPoWriMo-- Desperate attempt to get close to 30 poems! How many is this?

Pop flies at practice

The park rings with the ping of the metal bat.
Young boys with sweaty heads under their caps squint into the late afternoon sunshine.
The boy in the red shirt whistles through his fingers to his teammates
or maybe just to entertain himself at shortstop
experimenting with his grungy fingers to his lips
Looking around to see who might be admiring his efforts.
Ping!  Get ready!
His glove reaches to the sky
a foot from where the ball comes down.
Or comes down an inch above where the ball rolls by.
The boy behind him goes for it
and the boy in the red shirt goes back to his whistling.
Ping!  Foul ball.
Ping!  Pop fly.
Ping!  Another one passes him by.

Facebook 4/26

Dreading chi chi smasher tomorrow

bird nest in the electric meter box
lovely day
But only because of the picture
I would highly encourage everyone to vote
earned my brownie points today

chained themselves to the dais before a planned public hearing
Stinkbugs suck. 
da bulls.
T Ball!

cohort peeps


pass the omnibus gun bill allowing guns in public places like libraries
not very good in the pool


Amber Alert

Chained Ethnic Studies Students Take Over School Board in Tucs

Smoke and ash.  New fire.
now friends

we see things as we are


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