Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bisbee 1000

My internal monologue and I drove to Bisbee today and walked the Bisbee 1000. My internal monologue and I really should have trained for this, because we took 30 minutes longer than last year, but that was fine. 2 hours of uninterrupted walking, stair-climbing and thought. Nice.

I love Bisbee. The architecture, the smell of fennel and concrete steps through rocky hillside lots remind me of my childhood San Francisco. The blooming galardia, poppies and other scraggly wildflowers remind me we are in Southern Arizona. Walked right past my old house from when I taught in Douglas. It is now a bright pastel grass-green. All throughout, folks came out to their porches and encouraged us.

Didn't wear headphones most of the time due to regulations, but also because they had live music at each staircase. However, here is part of my playlist for the walk and the drive home. I can't get enough Red Hot Chili Peppers, but can't play them when the kids are in the car (due to f-word), so... makes me wish I had learned to play bass better. Enjoy.

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