Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chicago Blog: No Ketchup Allowed

Chicago Blog 2: Inventions of the Monsters
Chicago Blog 3: Anyone? Anyone?

Coming soon, Dada poem of lime-flavored art and lionesque piers of Ferris Wheel gin, complete with celery salt.

In it, The Venus de Milo sports mink pompoms. Homeless black men give me The Onion free for $2. Hundreds of porta potties escort us to the lakeshore, serenading us with the drumming of a thousand empty dill pickle buckets.

Frank Sinatra voiced-over the William Tell overture to berry-burst explosions of pointillism.

Obey the Metra. Throw Miró a dulce cupcake. Wash your face in Blue Chagall. Occupy Wall Street with a New World Order chosen by musical experts. The teacher at the Prairie School pastes her broadsides into windows and names her boat Semi-Precious. Blow out the candles; it's time to fly.

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  1. I would love to hear feedback about how this post appears to others. On my Mac it looks just how I have edited it. On my PC, it looks like half my poem is gone and it doesn't show the photos I posted. Please let me know if you see the whole prose poem plus several photos.


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