Thursday, November 3, 2011

NaNoWriMo Day 3

Word Count: 3817

Well, I am quailing.  My ideas are getting more fragmented vs. more linear.  No plot is materializing.  In addition, I have realized the extent of the research I need to do to pull this off.  Also, my scenes feel devoid of motivation for the characters.  Maybe I should just throw the selkies and the tsunami back in there and just go with it, cheese or no cheese.   At any rate, I have another 900 or so words to write today. 

I wish I had some books of Northwest native american stories. 
I wish I had spent more time at the tidal pools in Oregon.
I wish I could talk to Rich for an hour about prosthetics and the ins and outs of C-legs vs. conventional legs.  For instance, can a person walk up stairs with a C-leg?

Off I go to... rescue this novel from mediocrity and half-assedness. 


  1. So just write places, then. NaNo is about word count vomit. Fuck plot. No one needs it anyway.

    I write characters and small observational moments that have nothing to do with plot. Somehow that seems to work out for me.

    Also, Amethyst, I adore you, but I have to say that because the first words I see whenever you share a link to a new post are "The problem," I never want to read your blog. =/

  2. I agree-- any reason not to keep writing is just an excuse not to keep writing. The whole point is to keep writing. I am writing a place at the very moment. :)

    That's funny what you say about the title of my blog-- I purposefully chose it (for one reason) is because one thing I have learned about myself over the past few years is that I have a tendency to phrase things as problems (vs. taking the time to formulate a statement in a more positive, constructive light), and it's true. I do have that tendency. So, part of the reason for the title is I seriously started the blog with no idea of what exactly I wanted to accomplish with it other than write more often. I wanted the freedom to post whatever the hell I wanted. But part of it is a joke on myself and my tendency to think things through by posing them as problems. Sorry if it's a turn-off! But that's just me!



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