Saturday, January 21, 2012

Haiku, What the Heck.

I've been playing around with haiku a little, hoping it would get me through a tough week and warm me up for writing poetry with my high school students.  These below are freshly baked... yet perhaps too soon from the oven for consumption?  I like them enough to put them out there, though. 

I have been reading up on haiku a little, and only recently discovered that the whole 17-syllable rule in English is a complete myth.  But I think they are actually more difficult to write when the rules are lifted. 

smooth curve of coffee cup
before the blunt edge of day

silly goose
loyally defends
even the blackbird.

The grass bows,
The field is a sea,
yet firmly rooted.

small ecology:
doll clothes, crayons, laundry, books
her habitat

pomegranate tree
so thin of stem and leaf
such rich juice

stone set in hillside.
weather wears incrementally;
avalanche shatters.

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