Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rant Against Little Girl Clothes

So, it's not bad enough that every top is either spangly, sequined, Hello Kittied, crowned, or bedazzled and come in either hot pink, white or pastel lavender.  No.  Or that the skirts are endless arrays of tulle, ruffles, embellishments or wacky prints that mismatch with the diagonal stripes or abstract glitter-glue modern art of all the other tops. 

No, that's not bad enough.  But if you choose to buy your kid pants, she has the choice of either knit pants, leggings or jeans.  Many models come in black, white or a light pastel.  Guess what happens to white or light pastels on the playground (where a little girl should slide, swing, crawl, run and rumble?)  Filth.  Filth that doesn't wash out.  And guess what happens to knit pants?  They shred, and you can't patch them.

Then, jeans.  When sitting crosslegged, jeans gap in the back.  And the little girl tops, the plain stretchy t-shirt ones (and even most of the over-spangled glitter-glued ones) are not long enough to reach down over the gapped open crevice which shows one's chonies and buttcrack to whomever is lucky enough to have the spot on the rug behind you in kindergarten. Plus, a parent is lucky to find a pair of little girl jeans that aren't embellished with rhinestones or swoopy, paisely embroidery in gold lame


  1. J refuses to wear jeans. So yes, we're left with the knit ones.

    I used to not let her wear leggings unless something was covering her bottom, but I've given up, now.

  2. That's funny-- we have pretty much the same thing going on over here. :)


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