Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Weekend has Just Begun...

Which of the following things did I not do this weekend so far?

a) Give a speech about the chaos of the writing process to National Board Cert candidates at the AZK12 Workshop in Tubac.
b) Have an amazing dinner on 4th Avenue with an old, old friend.
c) Spend two hours shopping at Goodwill.
d) Run into a student who was on my Academic Decathlon team in 1995, my first year of teaching in Douglas, Arizona.
e) Find interesting lesson ideas for teaching grammar and punctuation rules using Poetry Out Loud.
f) Help my Dachshund scratch her ears.
g) Get to the gym.
h) Take a nap.
i) Try Fireball whiskey for the first time, mixed into a cup of Abuelita hot chocolate.

Ding! Ding! Ding!  You are correct.  I did not make it to the gym.

However, I did make it out of Goodwill with two tops; two new pairs of pants; a desk and chair for G.; four new funky little coffee mugs, including a clear glass McDonald's Batman and Robin coffee mug which will be much appreciated by one creative writing group member I know; a stool-slash-end-table for the living room, and a few other assorted good finds.

I paused within Goodwill for probably 30 minutes to hug and talk to my old student and hear what everyone is up to these days.  She regaled me with stories of activities they did in high school that I never knew about (such as baiting the border patrol into chases through the desert, arriving just in time for class with tree branches in the grill of the car). Stories of which teachers and security guards pursued students in inappropriate ways, or went with students out for shrimp cocktails and beer over the border at lunchtimes.  It was a pretty enlightening conversation, and took me back to those first, intense days of teaching.  We both agreed that it was probably not a good idea to give teachers guns.

The Fireball is tasting pretty good in the hot chocolate, honestly.  That worked out even better than I thought it would.

Dinner at Delectables was wonderful-- even better than I thought it would be.

Overall it has been a pretty good couple of days.  Now, I suppose, I will attend to my couch full of laundry and kitchen full of dirty dishes.  After I finish my hot chocolate.

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