Monday, March 11, 2013

What I Learned this Week(ish) #6

1. I learned that my son and his friends have named their playground balls: Meatball, Ba-Ha, Blueberry, Mustard, Booger, and Booger, Jr.  Booger, Jr. is currently up in a tree. They also play with Base. Base is a floppy plastic base which they throw like a Frisbee. Ba-Ha is not called "baja" (like the word en espanol).  Ba-Ha is named after the sound you make when you drop kick it as hard as you can.

2. I learned the word "abattoir" from an article about the Romanian horsemeat that was identified in British and Norwegian "beef" lasagna and meat pies. Very cool word.  Will use soon.

3. Tree pollen counts are high. Misery. That has got to be what does it for me. I candt breade troo by node. The kids are coughing in their beds. And we've all had allergy pills.

4. I learned that the Tucson CSA now works the shares differently, and I could actually afford to join.  So for the next six weeks, I will be picking up our share of local produce and organic artisan bread at the old YWCA just as I have wanted to do for several years.  Just in time to move to Phoenix.  Hopefully I'll find a similar program there.

5. I learned that my little girl will wear her purple glitter Converse All-Star rubber galoshes every day. To run in, to walk in.  For her, they are perfect for every occasion. I am enjoying this phase.

6. Check this out.

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