Thursday, July 26, 2012

We Heart Tennis Camp at Reffkin!

I need to plug the tennis camp my kids attend.  This was G's 5th summer.

Reffkin Tennis Center (formerly Randolph Tennis Center) is a jewel in central Tucson as part of Randolph park, right next door to the Recreation Center and right on the walk/bike path.

Each summer Coach Meghan Houk recruits an outstanding team of coaches who lead the kids in age-appropriate, fun and non-competitive tennis games and drills.  The camps start early in the morning, which can be painful, but it's really the best time to get out of the house and get moving.

While one of my kids is in camp, I can drink my coffee and catch up on Facebook or reading, or if I'm feeling perky take the other child to the practice wall and mess around and hit some balls. The same group of tennis afficionados greet us on the way to the practice wall each summer, and ask if my child is "doing good" at tennis.  Families gather in the bleachers or on benches or folding chairs in the shade and chat about schools, other camps, Parks and Rec programs, parenting, crafts, etc., etc.  I see as many dads and grandparents there with their kids as I do moms, and the crowd largely represents Tucson's diversity.

On Saturdays, camp participants can choose to participate in fun, non-elimination style mini-tournaments at Reffkin in the evenings.  We haven't made it this summer, but they're fun and give kids the feel of a real, scored game.  The Bonanza at the end of the summer is similar, but highly festive.

In addition to the programs at Reffkin, the camp has sites all over town at the high schools and Pima college.  Wherever they could get courts and campers, I suppose!

Reffkin's program is an affordable, fun camp, and I have seen my kids develop not only physically, but also socially and emotionally in terms of motivation, sportsmanship and their self-talk.

I truly appreciate the efforts and enthusiasm of the coaches.  It's clear they love tennis, and kids as well.  Thanks, Coach Meghan!

Here's to Otter Pop day!

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