Monday, July 9, 2012

Testing out Grooveshark.

I've been frustrated recently because has become completely lame.  I don't listen to a lot of online music besides Pandora, but Playlist was a great tool because students could use it to create a soundtrack for a work of literature or for personal writing, and then embed it within our wiki sites to publish for each other.

Well, Playlist got rid of the embedding feature.  But my mom (of all people) showed me Grooveshark, and so far it looks COMPLETELY superior to playlist.  For one thing, I see a lot more song variety, and, so far, the sound quality is much higher.  I'm not an expert on how these sites are built, but I suspect that Grooveshark must have a lot more backing by the music industry and have a much more profitable model based on the use of mobile devices, etc.  The user interface is also much more pleasing and professional-feeling than Playlist

At any rate, it appears that on the free account available with Grooveshark I can create and EMBED playlists... so let's see here...

Testing Grooveshark by Amethyst on Grooveshark

Somewhat of a random playlist for starters... what do you think?

I'm always looking for more webtools, especially those that are free and useful in the classroom.

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  1. PS - your art is writing and teaching, and you are exceptional at them.


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