Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Multimedia Multitasking Mash Up, August 6

Multimedia Multitasking Mash Up, August 6

The teachers are losing
their minds but finding others
along the way
Sikhs in Wisconsin
with holes in them
elliptical hamster wheel
headphones set to Fatboy Slim
poems of the past, snippets,
float across my conscience
yes conscience and consciousness
little mysteries and big ones
cosmic transmissions from the
face of Mars the victory
of human imagination
children’s backpacks filled with cupcakes

a desert murderer forcibly
medicated until his schizophrenia
is no longer an excuse 

put him on the uneven bars
and see if he’ll vault

and the Batman the Batman
will he rise again?  Of course
he will in the crack theater houses
where we are addicted to
the monomyth.  We get our fix.

What other story is there?
Searching for a narrative to
explain Gabby Douglas
and her medallions  

the heroes run in circles
I need my Robin
and we’ll hand to hand
combat the ice cream truck
which sells us happiness
for spare change before dinner. 


I wrote this during writing time with my Creative Writing class. I will probably revise and edit later at some point.


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    1. Thank you, and thanks for reading! I saw you have several blogs. Are they all active, or just Marbled Musings? I really need to figure out a way to subscribe to feeds that aren't blogger. Maybe go back and reconfigure Google reader so it's just blogs. I never use whatever I had set up there anyway!

  2. Since I've read the revision I think this was a good start but now I can see that the condensed new version is more intense and offers a full cycle of Chaos and Redemption. I look forward to seeing it posted on the "Stories" project website.

    1. Hey-- the fact that you identified the pattern of Chaos moving into Redemption helped me make some more changes to it. Thanks! It's coming along.


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