Saturday, August 4, 2012

Yeasty Goodness

This is a very sweet article about my dad's recent work with his 4-H Baking Club in Seaside, OR.

His approach to teaching these kids to bake as reflected in the article explains a lot about why I am almost genetically resistant to strict recipe-following.

Here were my comments on the article:
Michael Hinton is my dad, and I can tell you that the family legacy of good cookin' goes much deeper than the old A and Dub and Taco Time. I remember my grandpa's barbecued pork (marinated in a good southern vinegar marinade) and of course my grandmother makes the best boiled custard at holiday time, and makes a mean strawberry jam and blackberry pie. Dad bakes wonderful breads and fusses over his unique take on a variety of slow-cooked soups and other dishes. His wife, Lita, taught me chiles rellenos and developed her own recipe for whole-grain crepes that are to die for. A Hinton family affair is never short of good, fresh, homemade food. Wish I could be there to sample those breads right now!

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