Thursday, June 6, 2013

More City Lights, Bats and Teacher Voice

Here I am, on almost the same balcony in the same resort watching the city of Tucson dim before my eyes, and the lights twinkle ever brighter through the rising heat of the desert. The bats flit and dive, and I am luxuriantly perched with a picture window view of it all, framed with climbing vines, mesquites, mountains and the tips of saguaros.

I could not want for more. Any more, and I would be spoiled. This week I reunited my family by moving to Tempe, landed a job which excites me in a school seven minutes from home, reconnected with colleagues at the Teacher Leadership Institute and learned ways of defining my role as a teacher leader that make a lot of sense to me. 

Next week I will spend time with my mom and my brother's family, get our new home set up better, and meet with my new department chair.

I thought about writing a poem tonight, but I am challenged by the idea of writing about satisfaction. There are unknowns in life, of course. But I embrace these moments free of worry. Perhaps I can recapture them poetically at a later time when I nostalgically remember: Remember that one time when everything was good?

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