Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sites and Resources for Reading Endorsement AEPA

I'm gathering websites and resources to study for my AEPA reading endorsement exam (More materials available here).  I'll add more as I find them, so check back.

1. Professional Standards. 
2. Theoretical & Research Foundations. 

3. Flashcards and Study Sets. Here are some sets of flashcards various people made (I already noticed some spelling errors...):

B. Then, the Reading Specialist Praxis II flashcards.

C. And these flashcards.  I stole 136 of them from someone else and have been adding and editing.

4. Study Guides for Other Tests. Here is a downloadable study guide for the Teaching Reading Praxis test:
Teaching Reading - ETS Home
 powered by

5.  Glossaries:
6. Practice Tests & Test Questions:

7. Other Sites:

Big Five-- Anita Archer-- RTI

Developmental Stages of Reading: Chall's six stages of reading development.

Other Resources Recommended in Online Chats:
Beating them All (book)

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