Thursday, June 20, 2013

What I Learned This Week(ish) #7

1. Tempe Splash Playground will make summer bearable.  It is large, in charge and staffed with lifeguards and a first-aid station.  We finally got over there for the first time this afternoon.  Olivia particularly enjoyed the slide.

2. Strange things are afoot. Based on casual observation, I'm guessing there must be 50 Circle K's within a 1 mile radius of where we live in Tempe. The other, sad, washed-out looking Friendly Marts must have something to offer to stay in business, but standing in their poorly maintained parking lots, there is no way to tell what it might be. Circle K. What else do I need?

3. I have a lot to study for this reading endorsement test.  I think.  I waver from confidence to despair every time I sit to study.  I need to find out what percentage the written portion represents.  I can do multiple choice.  Oh, yeah.

More later, blogsumers.  

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