Friday, April 6, 2012

Hiking Sycamore Dam Trail with the Kiddos & Friend & Friend.

My Blackberry camera really stinks and our real camera is broken.  I wish these were a bit better, but at least they capture the day a bit.

Desert Mariposa Lily... possibly my new favorite wildflower.  Wow! The bloom was over 2" in diameter. 
The downhill side toward Sycamore Dam.  It was very dry (you can see).

Terrible shot of a beautiful blue dick with a ladybug crawling around.

Froggie friend scampering vertically up a boulder, near the dam.

Kids at the dam.  Awesome hikers!

Right before snack time-- they look pleased.

Goofy shot of me and Heather.  I think I was saying something.
Hiking back up toward the Arizona Trail marker.  Still lots of fire damage-- very sun-exposed.  Is that from 2005?

L. posing.  So demure.  Tougher than she looks.  She was a great hiker!

L. shows me her strawberry she's eating.  Thanks!

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