Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mmmkay. NaPoWriMo Day 5


Below is a watery
grave for two fish
dissolving in the
water plants,
two inches
of pebble hell
and a hungry snail
who slurps up
the decomposure
of the goldfish

In the middle is an earthy filter
helped by paper towels
to drain the remains of
what is above.

Above is a cricket
leaves of beleaguered
grass, bark shreds,
sticks and moisty
soil, a dead cricket
and a live one.

Above them a heaven
of sliced and inverted
polyethylene, its
bulbous underside
dripping with condensation
stealing the sun’s rays
and trapping them
to feed sparse spikes
of grass below,
what is left from a plague
of two crickets
ecologically determined
to be just one,
the other moldering
in a corner of the cylinder
with a bit of apple
thrown in by a child.

There are no clouds in heaven.
And this world’s god is deemed proficient
and sent onward and upward.

This is my first April poem here, third in my collection for the month, so I'm only two poems behind.  I'm not sure if it has much more potential, but what matters is keeping on going, right?

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