Saturday, April 28, 2012

National Board exam this morning

I am caffeinating and convincing myself I haven't caught a cold. In about an hour I take my exam ("Assessment Center" to those in the inner sanctum of NBC jargon).

Really the most demanding part of my journey, the portfolio, is over.

Last night I was talking to my brother who lives far away, who I don't talk with very often. His response to my efforts was "What, a Masters isn't enough?" I had a hard time condensing down what this is and what it means to fit into casual conversation. I am famous for my wandering, slightly self-centered tangents, and so my explanation sounded generic, prepackaged, like American cheese slices. And I sadly ended up pretty much equating it with the stipend I will receive each year I'm certified.

The conversation made me realize the select few folks who will recognize what those initials represent if I earn the privilege of putting them after my name. NBCT.

Well, I'd better jump in the shower. I'm out of coffee and it's time to go.

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